Tuesday, August 11, 2009






Kid Cudi

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Skytop Supras

These are some mad kewl shoes!!!!

they are skytop supras
  • Full length midsole with SupraFoam® providing entire foot impact resistance, optimal shoe flex and board feel.
  • Internal neoprene toe cap and vamp for toe protection.
  • Elastic tongue straps and thin padding with ankle support.

Man on the Moon (differenter)

If u want to make a difference in this world u have to be different or be a rebel to all the bad thats going on these days. People want to be a differenter so they can stand out. So are you going to stand out or are u going to move with the world is doing today. But if u die today wat will u b remembered for when u are dead and gone..... being a differenter or follower?

The young dating

So you meet a girl and you think that she looks real good. So you start to talk to her and she starts to be real cool. So you start to date her and it is going well for like the first 4 months and you think your going to be with her forever. So you start to realize that you are only a teen and want to have fun while you are still a child. So then you realize that you dont really want to be with this person so you tell everyone that you don't really like her no more but you tell her that you do because you dont want to hurt her feelings. The reason that people do this is because they dont want to hurt the persons feelings.

Staying ahead of my time

Monday, August 10, 2009


Life is a precious thing that needs to be handled carefully. You have to be glad who you are because if your not then who will. If you accept yourself you will go further and further into life. If u think about it the most successful people in our world today are proud of who they are. So you should just love how your life is because it is too short for you to procassinate for your whole life. You have to live your life as high as you can because life is a great thing to have and you only have one life to live...........

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cedar Point

hey im new at this blog stuff....so yea. Today i went to Cedar point and rode all these roller coaster. It was pretty fun. But the ride back was so long. I was so mad when we had to go from Cedar Point cuz we had left so early. well just follow my blog. hahaha


I want this watch

Nike Blazers

Nike Blazers